Building a Table of Authorities

The Table of Authorities Builder inserts a list of references in your legal document where your cursor is positioned (or where you have selected text).

To generate a table of authorities in your legal document,

  1. Access TOA and Cite Formatting.

  2. Click the appropriate markup removal options to remove from your document all existing TOA markup, plus links markup inserted by a Drafting Assistant product (e.g., BriefTools):

  1. Your current option set is listed under Set Options. If you are using this service for the first time, it is recommended that you click Change current options to customize your settings. For more information, see Setting TOA and Cite Formatting Options.

  2. During processing, changes will be made to your document. To save your document before proceeding, click Save now and proceed under Save Document. Or, click Proceed without saving.

  3. Select the Table of Authorities Builder check box. To also check citation formats, select the Citation Format Advisor check box (for details, see Checking Citation Formats).

Note: It is considered best practice to use the Citation Format Advisor and the Table of Authorities Builder together.

  1. Click Process Request. Inserting Your TOA is displayed in the left pane.

  2. Click in your document where you want the tables of authorities to be inserted.

  3. Click Build TOA.

The table of authorities is inserted in your document at the cursor location. The table of authorities includes the following headings as needed: Cases, Federal Cases, State Cases, Statutes, Federal Statutes, State Statutes, Rules, Federal Rules, State Rules, Regulations, Federal Regulations, State Regulations, and Other Authorities.

Note: Billing starts after you click Build TOA.

To edit the table of authorities in Word, select it in the document, then press CTRL+SHIFT+F9.

If a citation in your document is not recognized automatically by the Table of Authorities Builder, you can manually mark up the citation in Microsoft Word. For details, see Adding Unrecognized Citations in Microsoft Word.